Ways to Pick Best Get Well Soon Flowers

Sending floral gifts to a friend or family member who is in hospital is a good gesture of love and care. Since time in memorial gifting flowers is a way to wish loved ones a speedy recovery. Hence, the flowers you pick for the patient must not only be attractive but should also hold a meaningful significance.

Getting Get well flowers for a friend of family member who is in the hospital is a traditional norm and is one of the best and most used hospital gift ideas. Flowers do not only cheer up a person but also make a dull and dreary day seem brighter.  Moreover, a recent study by Rutgers University demonstrates that flowers make patients happier for a longer period compared to other gifts.

Just like any other thing there are ways to pick the best get well flowers for family or friends in the hospital. Not all hospital units allow flowers, so there is need to first confirm with the hospital stuff before getting any.

Go for the Allergy Free Flowers

Always purchase flowers that are allergy-free. Even if a patient is not allergic, there is a high chance that the hospital staff or other visitors are or even those they will be sharing the ward with. According to flower experts, flowers like Chrysanthemums, roses, and carnations are the best for hospitals. Reason being the pollen in these flowers is inside and is not exposed, compared to a lily.

Check Flowers before Delivery

Before selecting flowers, check them carefully as it might contain grime and insects, which could spread to the other parts of the hospital room and cause more harm. Nicely rinse the flowers before taking delivering them to the hospital.

 Pick Flowers that Will Last

It is advisable to pick flowers with the woody stem as they will not get easily soggy. It will save the effort of the hospital staff to change the water regularly. This will add more work load on the staff. Also putting the flowers in a foam can also be a great option, as it helps to retain water for a longer time.

 The Size of the Flowers or Plants

The size of the flowers or plants that you are planning to send to the hospital should be to a minimum. In as much as gifting a huge arrangement of flowers might sound appealing, it may hinder other tasks in the hospital room. Get a small vase of flowers that can fit against the wall or can be easily placed on the table.

Consider Buying a Vase

You should consider buying a vase that is strong and sturdy. Sending flowers in a glass or ceramic vases can be a little risky as they can easily break due to the entering and exiting of many people in the hospital room or wards. You should opt for vases made out of plastic or metal.


The above way are important to take note of when picking flowers for your loved ones.