Flowers and Their Benefits in the Hospital

Recent studies has shown that flowers have positive impacts on patients admitted in hospital. The culture has been around for a long time, whenever a loved one is not feeling well people bring the flowers. This is a gesture of love and good manners extended to the ill loved one.

Plants and Flowers in the Hospitals

Moreover, with the recent studies flowers have proven to be more than just a good gesture but may also help the patient to get better. According to a study conducted by the American Society for Horticultural Science, patients who had flowers in their rooms lower blood pressure and heart rates that were generally good. 

However, this was not the case for patients who had no flowers in their hospital rooms. Moreover, patients with chronic pain were reportedly having reduced pain and even reduced need for pain killer tablets. As well as having minimal levels of anxiety due to the presents of plants and flowers in their hospital rooms.

Even doctors who spent more time with patients, agree that people in general feel more comfortable in environments where there is a sense of life. That is the presents of plants and flowers in general cause people to feel more comfortable. Hence the positive impact of plants and flowers to the patients as it helps them to recover.

Hospitals Encouraged to put Plants and Flowers around the Hospital

Many studies continue to bring more light on the many benefits of plants and flowers around the hospital. Patients who had their hospital rooms facing the park or flowers agreed that it brought the some sense of and peace which impacted positively on their body’s ability to heal.

Hence the recommendation that hospitals grow plants and flowers around to encourage patients. Moreover, this will give patients the opportunity to connect with nature since in most cases patients cannot leave the hospital for a walk in the park.

Plants and Flowers Also Offer a Distraction from Pain

The next time you decide to visit a loved one in the hospital, consider bringing them flowers or plants a must. Taking from the studies that have been done and show that patients feel comfortable and positive in the presents of nature. This also proved that plants and flowers also offer a distraction from pain.

Just like being around family and friends makes you feel comfortable and better. Plants and flowers help patients to get distracted from the pain and respond positively when around nature. If you have someone in the hospital it is encouraged to bring those flowers and help distract them from pain.

Even for those offering home based care for their loved ones, you can also put plants and flowers in their rooms and help them feel better.


The above are the positive impacts of flowers and plants for patients in hospitals. These have proven to work very well on most patients, however you may need to be sure if the patient you are bringing the flowers to, is not allergic to them in any way to avoid harm.