Wedding Flower Trends

Flowers have become part of our day to day lives such that we cannot separate them from any kind of event. Be it funerals, birthdays, dinner dates or for our family and loved ones in hospitals. As such they have become an important part for every occasion.

In this article we look at wedding flower trends for 2020. No bride wants to spoil their special day that have have been dreaming of since childhood because of wrong choice for the ideal flowers for the day.

Before picking out your wedding flowers make sure they are suitable for the occasion. The recent changes in trends show how wedding flowers have repurposed. The bride and her bride maids have been seen on some occasions using their bouquets as centre pieces at the reception.  

Personalization as a Wedding Flower Trend for 2020

Couples today are going all the way out to make sure they get the best for their big day. 2020 has been the year that most couples made sure they added their personal touch to every detail for their big day. Now wedding flowers are made to represent the personalities of the couples and compliment the wedding theme.


Over the years natural and organic have become the ideal options. Hence, this year expect to see more greenery in flower bouquets as a stand-alone decoration. The reason being more people now prefer a natural and organic touch in everything they do.

The greenery to expect more of at weddings is the Italian Ruscus, silver dollar, seeded eucalyptus, and baby eucalyptus. These will continue to be hot greens.

Also Trending This Year at Weddings Are Tinted Flowers

Thanks to celebrities like Mandy Moore and Miley Cyrus for ushering in this trend that is expected to flourish in 2020 for wedding flowers. Tinted bloom are said to help couples achieve that what they expect for their perfect wedding that fulfils their creative vision and at the same time adding their personal touch.

 This gives the flowers a bold statement as a piece of the wedding with its rich and unexpected tones. Tinted flowers that you will see trending in 2020 are creative ombrés, mosaics, and colour fades as design elements, as well as traditional colour blocks.

A bride’s bouquet is the cherry on top of the perfect wedding look and an important aspect for the bride on her special day.

Fanning Palms 

The dried fan palms add a huge amount of detail to the bride’s bouquet. Though not technically a flower, the fan-leafed fronds, are perfect for a modern twist on a beach wedding. Moreover, when mixed with the other flowers like anemones, dreamy roses, and dried grasses they give a classy feel to the bouquet. 

Also these flowers are a great option when having a winter wedding. Hence, you will see more of them trending in 2020. Another great advantage of using them is that they are always available and very few people are allergic to this kind of flowers.