Few things to consider before you send a vase of flowers to the hospital

Whether you are sending a loved one flowers to wish them well during a tough time or because of good news while they are in hospital, there are things you have to keep in mind. In as much as it sounds simple to walk into a flower shop and pic the ones you love, there is more to consider before buying flowers intended for someone in the hospital.

Below we take a look at some of the things you might want to consider before buying flowers. 

Check with the Hospital Before You Send Flowers

Over the years certain things around the hospital have been revised for the best interests of the patients. With some parts of hospitals like the intensive care unit, burns unit and the maternity unit restricting flower arrangements. The reason being due to patient immune sensitivity. 

Hence, before you decide on buying a beautiful flower bouquet you need to check with the hospital first. Call the hospital and check if patients in that area can receive flowers. In some cases you can also get the flowers covered on the hospital package hence the need to check with them first.

Moreover, you can ask for details about delivery as the hospital staff may also have better suggestions for good floral choices or tips on how to get things delivered if you cannot bring them in person.

You Should Opt for Scent-Free

Hospitals have a lot of patients with different things going on around them every time. That is it is possible that your family or friends staying in the hospital have to share a room with someone who might not enjoy flower scents.

Moreover, chances are that something or anything which is heavily scented will cause more harm than good in that particular ward or room. Instead, you can send a cheerful arrangement but avoid arrangements that are too aromatic considering they are not the only person in the room. 

Experts recommend Teleflora’s Upsy Daisy bouquet as the perfect addition to a hospital room as well as white and yellow daisies which can be mixed in a yellow vase that is definitely a sure to cheer anyone up. Also daisies have little scent hence they will keep everyone happy.

Sometimes bigger is not Always Better Go Small

Flowers and plants are good in terms of health and improving the well-being of people staying in the hospital. They help the healing ability and improve the patient’s morale. However, hospital rooms vary and sometimes they have limited space. That is in as nice as a bouquet the size of a person is, sending something small that can fit easily on a nightstand is a better choice.

Prevent the Sneezing

The fact that someone has an allergy does not necessarily mean he or she cannot enjoy flowers. There are lots of options for people who are allergic to pollen. You can consider getting roses, or opt for something leafy, like bamboo. 

Experts say teleflora’s good luck bamboo is an excellent option for those allergic to flowers.